2023-01-05 / Mark Sowden

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I recently commissioned Laggies to produce some artwork for an upcoming project I've had rolling along slowly for about two years now and thought it came out really nicely. Got nothing else to really say about it for now other than hopefully I'll be able to show something of it this year - that's the goal.

Last year I had set a deadline for my long-running 2D simulation game, to get a rough working prototype completed for the start of this month, and I didn't make it. Deeming it finally dead and moving on. Will probably make the code publicly available at some point just on the off-chance it's useful to anyone, but it's basically an unfinished 2D isometric engine and not much else.

Will be carrying over some ideas to this other project so it's not a total loss I suppose.

Still busy working on tooling for my 3D engine, Yin. Had a lot of ideas and thoughts lately, and I've changed how I'm working on it too so that it will have more of a focus going forward. Hope to have something of that to show by the end of the month if all goes to plan.
Also, happy new year I guess. 2023. Yikes.

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