2021-11-04 / Mark Sowden

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Been a little while.

The language spec for Yang is pretty close to completion and the lexer is pretty much finished, though some things to figure out in-terms of the preprocessor - so much for not being a priority.

Made further improvements to material system in Yin. It's now possible to declare what defines should be used when compiling a shader stage, allowing for swapping features without having to split things into multiple files. Pretty damn happy with material pipeline now, so much is possible without having to depend on hard-code.

There was a tech demo that was shown and described yesterday, which was produced on the N64 and demonstrating portals. Implementation seemed something close to what I was working on, but my plan was to utilise stencil-buffer - though rather than using stencil-buffer, they max out z values for polygon covering area they rendered to? Not sure I entirely understand the technique, but keen to experiment.

On the side, have been reverse-engineering something rather special that I've been granted early access to with the intent of publishing an article about it on TalonBrave.info the day that it gets released (which is early December, if you're wondering). Ended up recycling an old 2D engine of mine (now under GPLv3) to demonstrate some bits and in-turn ended up rewriting quite a bit of the rendering side (typical). Changes are on a branch named 'bacon', for no particular reason.

Slowly shifting my Anachronox reimplementation over to use SDL2.

That's about it for now.

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