2021-10-18 / Mark Sowden

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Wasn't feeling too awesome today so didn't get much done. Been making progress on the entity component system for Yin - probably almost done, but need to prototype functionality to make sure I've got everything covered. Design feels dirty, probably a better way to do it; components are registered into a template list which hold a list of instances, which we then iterate through (tick, draw, serialise and deserialise). Each component has a pointer to it's associated entity so that's used as a reference for dealing with communication between different components (i.e. does this entity have a component called x?)

Settled on calling scripting language for Yin, Yang. Very original. But I'm happy with it so whatever. Still settling on initial set of opcodes and sorting assembler, but it's a very low priority right now. Unlikely to be used for current game still, but we'll see.

In other news, starting to prototype AI for game using older foundation as a starting point. Collection of sensors settled on and gradually working out logic from there, so every tick they will search for whatever based on their type and pass input to the "brain", though brain won't do anything with that yet and need to decide on storage type when passing input - brain needs to be able to make associations and determinations based on input, and some input might be more pressing than others (i.e. pain).

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