2022-03-05 / Mark Sowden

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Recently decided to try to discipline myself a bit more. Too many projects on the go at once, which honestly has been doing nothing good for my mental health. I've decided to abandon some other projects that had been adopted on the side and merge Compton, my 2D engine, into Yin.

This means that going forward Yin will have functionality for supporting both 2D and 3D games. This also means that Compton is being retired proper now. But going forward I'll hopefully only have Hosae and Yin in focus (and whatever game I build on top of Yin.)

Over the last day I've been gradually working on incorporating functionality from Compton into Yin, particularly starting off with the GUI system.

While migrating the GUI system, and rewriting it in the process, I've opted to actually incorporate it as a separate library instead of integrating it directly into the engine, which is an approach I'd like to use for other major additions going forward.

Currently trying out wxWidgets for the editor frontend, though my motivation has been all over the place for that; I don't like wxWidgets but at least it's a little more actively maintained and supported than the Fox Toolkit I was using before (though I'd say Fox is still significantly nicer in a lot of respects.)

Yin's scripting language is now called Dickens.

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