Progress on Yin's level editor, aka 'FoxEd'

2020-12-22 / Mark Sowden

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Still not super happy with the name. Internally it's called Huang (in tradition of Yin's own name, in-turn a reference to Darker Than Black), but I honestly don't think that's much better - brainstorming for another day maybe - either way, making plenty of progress!

Today I decided to redo some of the icons used for selecting the different modes available, the modes being brush mode, vertex mode, edge mode and finally face mode. Before they had looked like the below.


But I didn't feel it conveyed their function very well and generally looked pretty amateurish. After getting some feedback, I looked at a couple of other editors that had some similar functionality - though I didn't feel like they did much of a better job. In the end I overhauled them to look like so.


One of the editors I often end up looking at is Valve's Hammer Editor. In terms of general usage it's one of the best editors out there, but again, personally I feel that the icons used there do not do a great job at conveying what their intended function is (the ignore group button, texture lock button and a few others spring to mind - where do you suppose those are from a glance?)

Oh well! I don't yet have tooltips implemented but once they're in they will certainly help on the chance the icon fails to describe it's function.

Moving on, I've continued hooking up more functionality through the interface, particularly it's now possible to hide/show the grid through options provided in the toolbar, as well as specifically set it's scale to anything you like.

Additionally, the buttons on each viewport to switch between the view type are now all hooked up as well (though the 2D views need so much more love before they'll be ready for use). 

You can see the current state of the editor below.


You can of course swap between just having a single viewport as well if desired.


While it certainly isn't a WYSIWYG editor yet, this is certainly the eventual plan - but hooking it up with the engine is going to take a lot of work - the benefits are endless however.

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